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National Choral School

NCS Teacher & Conductor Professional Development

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A unique opportunity for music teachers and choral conductors to immerse yourself in Gondwana Choirs’ internationally renowned National Choral School, over eight days in January 2017. Be inspired with new repertoire & rehearsal techniques, observe leading Australian and international choral conductors, including special guests The Idea of North. Connect with passionate colleagues and discuss current issues with the Gondwana Choirs artists, including Artistic Director Lyn Williams.
WEEK 1: Wednesday 11/01, Thursday 12/01, Friday 13/01
WEEK 2: Monday 16/01, Tuesday 17/01, Wednesday 18/01*, Thursday 19/01, Friday 20/01*
*Discount offer for concert at 7pm
University of New South Wales, Sydney
Please meet at 9am on the day in the courtyard of Kensington Colleges, High St, near Gate 5
Download the UNSW Map
Teacher / Professional Artist: $80/day
Full time student: $50/day
Morning & afternoon tea provided. Bring your own lunch
25% discount for tickets to Summer Voices Festival
DAILY SCHEDULE National Choral School is an intensive two week program for young musicians from around the country. In 2017, over 300 choristers will sing in six choirs: Junior Gondwana, Gondwana Chorale, Chorus Iuventus, Chorus Novus, Cantorum and Latitude 34. Choristers will also sing in a different combination of ensembles for the a cappella repertoire.
The ensembles are spread across the UNSW campus, with rehearsal schedules confirmed daily. Upon arrival at 9am, you will be greeted by Gondwana Choirs staff, given a map and schedule of the various choirs’ rehearsals for the day. You may choose which ensembles you would like to observe, scores will be available in each room for your perusal. Junior Gondwana will not be available on 11 January.
Lyn Williams OAM Founder & Artistic Director Rowan
Graeme Morton AM Director, Conducting Academy
Lauren Hannay Pianist, Conducting Academy
Paul Stanhope Director, Composer School Week 1
Antony Pitts Director, Composer School Week 2
Paul Holley OAM Conductor, Gondwana Chorale
Carl Crossin OAM Conductor, Gondwana Chorale
Christie Anderson Conductor, Cantorum
Johnston Conductor, Cantorum and Latitude 34
Elizabeth Scott Conductor, Latitude 34
Elizabeth Vierboom Conductor, Junior Gondwana
Annie Kwok Conductor, Junior Gondwana
Celia Christmass Conductor, Chorus Novus
Jem Harding Conductor, Chorus Novus & Chorus Iuventus
Chris Burcin Conductor, Chorus Iuventus
Gondwana National Choral School also includes programs for emerging conductors and composers.
Your invitation is extended on Monday 16 January at 7pm to attend an in-house workshop of compositions written especially for the resident ensembles during the past week.