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Message from a Bursary Appeal Donor:
My daughter was a choir member from the age of 8 until year 12. It was her priority activity and helped build her confidence, courage and stamina as well as providing her with many amazing vocal and travel experiences that also fostered positive friendships between the choristers. The dedication, care and love shown toward the children by the staff (and especially Lyn Williams) was inspirational to my daughter and to us parents … She gained so much that I am happy to provide a donation to assist the ongoing development of the choirs so other children can also benefit from the experience that comes with being part of the choral program provided by Gondwana Choirs.
You too can make this experience a reality for the next generation of talented young people by giving to the Gondwana Choirs’ Bursary Fund. The Fund enables young musicians experiencing financial hardship to have access to the National Choral School experience by giving them support in paying participation fees and travel expenses.
The goal of this year’s appeal is to raise $20,000 for National Choral School 2017 from a combination of both individual donations and grants from Trusts and Foundations and to date, we have received almost $5,000 from individual contributions alone. A huge thank you those to all who have donated.
You can donate on-line here or by calling (02) 8274 7017.
Whatever the size of your gift, it will have a direct impact and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.