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National Choral School is the premiere choral experience in Australia, bringing together singers, composers and conductors from across Australia. Over 200 talented young people come together each January for an intensive two-week season, which in 2017 will be held for the first time at the University of New South Wales.
Gondwana Composer School is a truly unique opportunity for emerging composers to develop their craft during two intensive weeks in January. Under the expert guidance of leading composers Paul Stanhope and Anthony Pitts, participants are mentored throughout the entire creative process, including composition, revision, rehearsal, workshopping, performance and recording.
In Week 1, composers will be challenged to write a piece in 5 days for one of the resident choirs at National Choral School. Paul Stanhope will mentor each composer through this process and impart invaluable knowledge on choral composition. An in-house concert will see each composer’s piece performed by their choir.
The second week will be led by Antony Pitts, prolific English composer and Artistic Director of The Song Company. Antony will direct participants of Composer School in writing works for small vocal ensembles, culminating in workshops and a recording of participant’s works by The Song Company and directed by Antony.
Gondwana Composer School 2017 will be a truly incredible experience for any emerging composer who wishes to become immersed in the highly idiomatic nature of writing for voices and vocal ensembles.
Limited places remain and applications to join the program are due by 5pm on Monday 17 October 2016.
Applications also remain open for Gondwana Conducting Academy, a program for emerging and established choral conductors looking for the opportunity to develop and refine their conducting technique. Program director Graeme Morton is known for the quality and accessibility of his conducting instruction, providing both plenary sessions and individual lessons to focus on building and extending specific skills. Limited places still remain for those conductors wishing to take their skills to the next level.
Further details, including costs, location and dates can be found here
Complete the application form here and please email an example of your choral composition writing from the last 12 months here
Composers, please email an example of your choral composition writing from the last 12 months here