Boori Guman


Discover the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji story of the Rainbow Serpent and the first fire.

Gimuy Walubara Yidinji elder Gudju Gudju and the Cairns Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir share a traditional story from the Cairns region through Gudju Gudju’s words and illustrations by the choristers.

The Yidinji people tell about the travels of Gudju Gudju, the Rainbow Serpent, and how he created the different colours of our flora and fauna. In this story, the warriors take the fire from Gudju Gudju to bring our people together, to sit around the one fire Boori Guman to sing and dance.

This is a beautifully presented hard-cover book with vibrant depictions of Gudju Gudju and the three warriors who attempt to steal the fire: Judulu the pigeon, Jinjarlum the grasshopper and Bajin the little bird.