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Donate to Gondwana this Festive Season

A donation to Gondwana Choirs this Holiday season is an investment in young singers all around Australia. Your support will allow us to foster the incredible joy of singing in as many talented choristers from as many different backgrounds as possible.

You can choose to give to Gondwana Fundraising as a whole, allowing us to use your donation for the organisation’s greatest needs, or allocate your donation specifically to one of our programs:

  • Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir – Our training program in Cairns, provided to young First Nations singers at no cost to their families
  • Sydney Children’s Choir – Our training programs in Inner and Western Sydney, catering to hundreds of young choristers

Choose your donation amount or enter your own amount in the field below.

$100 $250 $500 $2000 $5000 $10000