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Join Sydney Children’s Choir in 2016

The Sydney Children’s Choir proudly represents Sydney as the most prestigious and well-known vocal program for young singers of school age. Founded as a single ensemble by Lyn Williams OAM in 1989, it now includes approximately 500 young people, comprising of performing choirs and training ensembles. They are instantly recognised for their crystal clear sound and known for their precision and discipline, developing through regular training a courageous and compelling performance style. Enrolments for 2016 are still open and there are limited places available.
Discover why Sydney Children’s Choir is the leader in children’s musical education in Sydney and why Gondwana Choirs is a multiple award-winning organisation for its musical training programs and contribution to Australian musical culture when you enrol your child in Sydney Children’s Choir.
Join and be inspired by the Magic of Sydney Children’s Choir.