Gondwana Indigenous Children

The Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir program provides a comprehensive and developmental music education especially for young Indigenous people aged 8 – 17 years. Gondwana Choirs’ expectations are high and we want to ensure that young people involved receive a high quality and thorough arts education. This is achieved through regular rehearsals with leading Gondwana Choirs conductors, sight singing, music theory tuition, and incredible performance and touring opportunities. At the core of GICC’s mission is the preservation and development of language and story through song, involving intergenerational cultural activity and developing a new contemporary Indigenous repertoire.

In July 2015, Gondwana Choirs was pleased to enter into a new three year partnership with Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto has been the Principal Partner of the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir (GICC) since 2012, and in this time, this partnership has enabled the program to grow and thrive, providing extraordinary opportunities for young Indigenous people from throughout Australia.

In addition to the core activity of regular rehearsals and intensive camps, the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir participated in two extraordinary opportunities in 2015 especially supported by Rio Tinto. In September, CairnsGICC toured to the Western Pilbara, performing in the Red Earth Arts Festival and singing with local Indigenous students. In November the choir gathered for a national season in Sydney, rehearsing and performing with the incredible artist Gurrumul, for the Business Council of Australia Annual Dinner.

“Rio Tinto is proud to be the principal partner of the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir and to help our talented young Indigenous youth get involved in their culture and the performing arts.

The Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir provides a voice for the unique and diverse culture of Australia’s Indigenous boys and girls and the opportunity to share their passion, stories and history around the nation.

Rio Tinto is proud to give the support needed for the indigenous choir to take their powerful performances into our communities and to be build greater mutual respect and reconciliation.

The Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir provides a wonderful vehicle to build identity through deep collaboration with local elders and communities and an excellent pathway for young Indigenous girls and boys to pursue a career in the performing arts.”

Andrew Harding – CEO Iron Ore
Australia, China and Korea

GICC at Red Earth Arts Festival

GICC performing at the Red Earth Arts Festival 2015, Roebourne WA

GICC performing with Gurrumul at the 2015 Business Council of Australia Annual Dinner