Spinifex Gum


The first album to feature Marliya of Gondwana Choirs

Spinifex Gum is a powerful and sonically innovative project that entwines creative voices from the length, breadth and depth of Australia to mine the heart of its land, its people, its history and inevitably its politics.

Created by the Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill for Marliya, of Gondwana Choirs, the album features guest vocalists (Briggs, Peter Garrett and Emma Donovan) in a song cycle reflecting the dramatic contrasts of the Pilbara region of northern WA.

The unique musical landscape of Spinifex Gum comprises treated field recordings, programmed rhythms, organic instrumentation and above all, the overarching power of human voices, bearing stories crying out to be heard.




1. Spinifex Gum
2. Ms Dhu Ft. Felix Riebl
3. Locked Up Ft. Briggs
4. Yurala
5. Malungungu Ft. Peter Garrett
6. Gawarliwarli
7. Marliya
8. Lang Interlude
9. Make It Rain Ft. Emma Donovan
10. Wandangarli
11. Don’t Shut Them Down

Also available on Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes: http://smarturl.it/spinifexgum