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Sydney Children’s Choir – Chorister for a Day 2022!

This is your chance to experience being a member of the Sydney Children’s Choir. Come along to sing beautiful music, learn new skills and meet new friends! You’ll be able to meet our wonderful conductors and talk to our staff about what it’s like to be in the choir.

Reserve your place at a rehearsal by “booking” a ticket via this link (they’re free!). Registration is essential.

Which choir do I choose

To join Sydney Children’s Choir, choristers need to be at least 6 years of age and in Year 1 at school. Choose your choir from the table below, based on what year level your child is at school, then book tickets via this link.

  • Mini Singers are in Year 1 and 2 at school
  • Junior Training Choirs (JTC) are typically in Year 3
  • Intermediate Training Choirs (ITC) are typically in Year 4 – 6
  • Advanced Training Choirs (ATC) are developing advanced choral and performance skills and are in Years 6 – 10


For full times and schedule, follow this link.

COVID-19 Information

Our rehearsal spaces are well ventilated, with our Choirs Rehearsal Room using inbuilt UV-filters and our Commercial 3 venue using HEPA filters for better air filtration. The use of masks in rehearsals is optional, and you are very welcome to wear one if you wish.
Please do not attend any rehearsal if you feel unwell, have been a contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, or have been advised to isolate. Please contact us and we can make arrangements for you.

If you have any questions, please email or contact or 0429 990 122 (in business hours).