Reomi MitoPianist

    Background: Born Japan. Studied with Neta Maughan AM since the age of 6. Attended Roseville College on full music scholarship. Placed first in state in HSC Music Extension, second in state in Music 2. BA (Linguistics and Music, Hons), Sydney University; LMusA and LTCL (Distinction). School Accompanist, St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

    Gondwana Choirs: Pianist for Sydney Children’s Choir Saturday School. Will accompany Gondwana Voices at National Choral School 2015.

    Other Performances: Selected to perform as soloist in Encore, Sydney Opera House. Performed as soloist in recitals at various concerts and events including: World Peace Foundation Conference, Sydney University Lunchtime Concerts in Great Hall, Opera and Arts Support Group, Australian Musicians Academy, Australian Opera Auditions Committee, Australian Society for Keyboard Music, Joan Sutherland Birthday Concert, Roseville Music Club, Chatswood Legacy, Chatswood Rotary Club. Performed as chamber musician in various concerts in Sydney. Recipient of major prizes in National and International competitions in Australia, Italy, Japan and USA.