Spinifex Gum Reviews are in

21 Mar 2018 Spinifex Gum Reviews are in

Spinifex Gum at the Adelaide Festival

Her Majesty”s Theatre

Tuesday 13 March

Featuring Marliya of Gondwana Choirs, Felix Reibl, Emma Donovan, Peter Garrett, Briggs, Lyn Williams. Choreography by Deborah Brown

The reviews are in for the Adelaide performance of Spinifex Gum and they are unanimously glowing of the piece and of the performances.

“Centred on a memorable performance from the 18 teenage singers of Cairns choir Marliya, Spinifex Gum is a uniquely moving collaborative project years in the making.” – The Adelaide Review

“The sweetness of the singing, the power of the words and the movement make this a magical experience. The audience rose to its feet cheering at the end.” The Adelaide Advertiser

“Fresh, hopeful, strong and proud, these young women have taken their place in the spotlight; their voices not only fill the theatre in which they perform, but also embed into the hearts of the audience.” In Daily


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