21 Mar 2018 Spinifex Gum Reviews are in

Spinifex Gum Reviews are in

Spinifex Gum at the Adelaide Festival Her Majesty''s Theatre Tuesday 13 March Featuring Marliya of Gondwana Choirs, Felix Reibl, Emma Donovan, Peter Garrett, Briggs, Lyn Williams. Choreography by Deborah Brown The reviews are in for the Adelaide performance of Spinifex Gum and they are unanimously glowing of the piece and of the performances. "Centred on a
23 Feb 2018 National Choral School and the Festival of Summer Voices 2018

National Choral School and the Festival of Summer Voices 2018

National Choral School was a resounding success this year – thank you to all of the choristers, family, staff and other participants who helped make this experience so rewarding! As in 2017, UNSW has been an invaluable partner in presenting this program to more than 300 choristers, representing every state in Australia. As one member

14 Sep 2017 SCC and GICC Perform at Parliament House

SCC and GICC Perform at Parliament House

Last week marked an historic moment as members of the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir and Sydney Children’s Choir were the first to sing the Australian Anthem in the ACT’s local Ngunawal language. The venue was no less than the Great Hall of Parliament House for the Minerals Council of Australia Parliamentary dinner, supported by GICC’s

25 Mar 2017 Aurora Eora

Aurora Eora

Alice Chance and SCC choristers at The Cutaway. Image credit: Barangaroo Delivery Authority FREE PUBLIC PERFORMANCE AT THE CUTAWAY, BARANGAROO Aurora Eora is the second public art commission in a series of Artistic Associate projects to be opened by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, bringing the stories of Barangaroo to life through song and art. As

10 Mar 2017 Songs Of My Country

Songs Of My Country

Incredible young voices will come together this October as the Vienna Boys’ Choir travels to Sydney and Cairns to perform with the Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir. Sydney Children’s Choir will join them for the 10 October concert at the Opera House. The cross-cultural concerts feature both Australian and European works, including the world premiere of

24 Jan 2017 Gondwana Chorale USA Tour 2017

Gondwana Chorale USA Tour 2017

Gondwana Chorale will undertake their first tour to the USA following National Choral School 2017. We are pleased to provide the details of their performances and encourage you to share this post with any family and friends in the USA who may be interested in attending. All performances are free of charge to the public.

18 Jan 2017 Festival of Summer Voices

Festival of Summer Voices

National Choral School 2017 sees an extended offering of public performances compared with previous years, with the inaugural Festival of Summer Voices kicking off with the Opening Gala on Wednesday 18 January at Sir John Clancy Auditorium, the main auditorium at our campus host UNSW. PURCHASE TICKETS SUMMER VOICES OPENING GALA – Concert 1Experience the

1 Jan 2017 Southern Lights, Northern Lights

Southern Lights, Northern Lights

PRESENTED BY CITY RECITAL HALL AND GONDWANA CHOIRS Immaculately drilled, the young voices offered an object lesson in choral discipline, singing with focussed tone and palpable enthusiasm. Limelight Magazine World-renowned children’s choir Gondwana Voices celebrates its 20th anniversary with only one Sydney performance of Southern Lights, Northern Lights before embarking on a major tour of

4 Dec 2016 Mini Christmas 2016

Mini Christmas 2016

Join the youngest choristers of Sydney Children’s Choir for their final performance of the year. Sydney Children’s Choir Mini 2016 is based on Quincy’s Quest, an adaptation of the 1979 Film of the same name, directed by Robert Reed, and starring Tommy Steele. The story follows a group of unwanted toys in a department store,

15 Nov 2016 Hush


Sydney Children’s Choir members to perform alongside Lior, The Idea of North and Elena Kats-Chernin at The Hush Foundation’s 2016 Album Launch A Piece of Quiet at City Recital Hall on Tuesday 15 November. The Hush Foundation and founder, Dr Catherine Crock AM, bring together some of Australia’s finest artists with the express aim of

15 Oct 2016 A Flock of Stars

A Flock of Stars

Join two of Sydney’s most well-known and exciting performing groups as they collaborate for the first time in an evening of choral and instrumental chamber music. The Sydney Children’s Choir will bring its trademark crystal-clear sound and ability to perform music of great complexity to the rich and vibrant Australia Ensemble, the country’s leading chamber

9 Oct 2016 Pied Piper

Pied Piper

PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN Join the Junior Performing Choirs of Sydney Children’s Choir as they perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Australian premiere of The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Colin Matthews. An immortal tale and exciting new music with narrators Tom Heath and Jean Goodwin… The Pied Piper will have you and

22 Sep 2016 Kaldor Public Art Project

Kaldor Public Art Project

On September 22, Gondwana Sydney Indigenous Choirs and the members of the Sydney Children’s Choir Junior Performing Choirs performed at this the Kaldor Public Art Project, a moving installation devised by Indigenous Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones. Entitled barrangal dyara /skin and bones, the project is a large sculptural installation in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

11 Sep 2016 Springtime


SPRINGTIME CONCERTS WITH SYDNEY CHILDREN’S CHOIR AND SYDNEY GONDWANA INDIGENOUS CHILDREN’S CHOIRS 11th September saw the annual Sydney Children’s Choir Springtime Concerts, held this year in the Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. With so many choirs and choristers, the concerts were split into two, the first at 11am followed by another at